Jason Mraz - Water текст песни

Текст песни Water - Jason Mraz

The eye of the storm meets the eye of the mind sending it spinning
Spinning not knowing which way is up not knowing which way to go
The eye of the mind blushes in lust of all the answers
For years of tears, years in fear.
Oh the bitter water; satiated, covered in salt
Keeping me afloat, moving me along
And I can see everything. I can see through buildings.
All the shattered lives and the battered wives.
And everybody's hypnotized by the dancing light
TV sets making everybody go blind.
And I can see through you.
And when I look inside I know.
That you are living in a fantasy world taking
Your time, running your mind on low
And you are living in a fantasy land holding nobody's hand but your own
I said, "I can see everything"
One drop of rain that's me and all the rest is you
Who shook these trees? Let me guess did they come in two's?
When you're dealing with the fruits of the universe
You shake that apple tree, life deals you an
Orange, either way you're cursed
Oh the bitter water, satiated, covered in salt
Keeping me afloat, and always moving me along
It's keeping me on top of the water
Keeping me on top of the world
Keeping me on top I'm looking out
Just to see what everything is all about
And I know where it is. just don't know exactly what it is.

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