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1 I Still Miss Someone
2 Praise the Lord and Pass the Soup (with The Carter Family & The Oak Ridge Boys)
3 Hammers and Nails (with Johnny Cash)
4 Song of the Patriot (with Marty Robbins)
5 Girl from the North Country
6 The World Needs a Melody (with The Carter Family)
7 Help Me Make It Through the Night
8 A Song to Mama (with The Carter Family)
9 No Need to Worry (with June Carter Cash)
10 Bottom of a Mountain
11 I Will Dance with You
12 Old Time Feeling (with June Carter Cash)
13 Pick the Wildwood Flower
14 Diamonds In the Rough
15 I'll Be Loving You
16 A Front Row Seat to Hear Ole Johnny Sing
17 What Is Truth
18 I’ll Remember You
19 Battle of Nashville
20 The Three Bells (with The Carter Family)
21 Song To Woody
22 Hey Porter
23 Crazy Old Soldier
24 All Over Again
25 The Human Condition
26 They Killed Him
27 My Ship Will Sail
28 Little Bit of Yesterday
29 Tall Men
30 Rosanna's Going Wild
31 You Dreamer You
32 Cotton Pickin' Hands
33 A Certain Kinda Hurtin'
34 It's All Over
35 Pick a Bale O' Cotton
36 I Got Stripes
37 Time and Time Again
38 The Matador
39 Smiling Bill McCall
40 Second Honeymoon
41 Send a Picture of Mother
42 Girl In Saskatoon
43 Dark As a Dungeon
44 A Little At a Time
45 The General Lee
46 Roll Call
47 Red Velvet
48 You Beat All I Ever Saw
49 The Sons of Katie Elder
50 Put the Sugar to Bed

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