Norah Jones - All a Dream текст песни

Текст песни All a Dream - Norah Jones

And we finally awake
And walk into the sunny day
I can see it in your face
That everything will be okay
′Cause you never hurt
Someone who wants to learn
To be your slave
And the night is oh so clear
The clouds will never reappear
But the moon is out of place
And all the trees are looking strange
And feeling the warmth of your breath
Against my skin
Now I hope this isn't only just a dream
So we run into a church
The people all look the same
And the sun is in my eyes
I′m trying hard to scream your name
My stomach starts to churn
And the curtains in the wind begin to burn
And now I know it's all a dream
Enemy sleeps with me night or day
Enemy teases every minute in my mind
He's in my mind
Enemy throws all my money away
Enemy knows how to make me always pay
I always pay
Enemy lies don′t cross my mind
Enemy talks, talking so nice and kind
So nice and kind
And how long does it take
To fight off this weakness?
And tell him
To guard me
′Cause God knows I'm sorry


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