Slim Dusty - Joy, Anne & David's Christmas Message 1971 текст песни

Текст песни Joy, Anne & David's Christmas Message 1971 - Slim Dusty

Thank you very much Slim, and hello everybody
It′s nice to be able to say hello to you at this time of the year
I'm looking forward to meeting you all next year
Some of you again
And a very happy New Year to you all
We would like to just finish off and introduce Anne and David
Just to send their special message
To all the people who make so many enquiries on our tour
So firstly a short message from Anne
Hi there everyone, um
Do have a happy time at Christmas
Relax and enjoy yourselves
And be ready for the new year
Anne′s been very busy studying at Uni
And of course, so has David
They've both done very well
So here's just a short message
To all the friends from David
Hello everybody
I hope you all have a merry Christmas
And a really happy new year
That′s right
Thank you very much pal

Авторы: Joy Mckean, Slim Dusty

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