Slim Dusty - Old Time Christmas (2021 Remaster) текст песни

Текст песни Old Time Christmas (2021 Remaster) - Slim Dusty

I′d like to tell a story
That Granddad told to me
'Bout the old-time Christmas
Of days that used to be
Oh, how the times are changing
As each new year comes ′round
Since Granddad was a youngster
Right here in this old town
The Christmas cake and lollies
Were made by Mother dear
And in the kerosene tin
She brewed the ginger beer
And then the brew was bottled
And the corks were tied down tight
And when they started poppin'
Well, you knew time was right
Up in the open fire
A ham was hung to cure
And flavoured by the woodsmoke
It took months to mature
The men-folk dressed the poultry
And the children brought the wood
While Mother cooked for Christmas
To make it really good. Oh yeah
They made the Christmas pudding
With silver coins mixed in
At least a month beforehand
The cooking would begin
Each member of the family
Would gladly lend a hand
To stir the Christmas pudding
An old tradition grand
Christmas day was homely
Boxing day was gay
With friends and kin arriving
In sulky cart and dray
They played at games and races
And chased the greasy pig
The old man and the young men
The women and the kids
And they held their old-time dances
With open door to all
At homesteads in the district
Or in the old town hall
Always gay and happy
At those dances without booze
They made the floorboards rattle
With blucher boots and shoes
They kept the fiddler goin'
They wouldn′t let him stop
And Granny saved the lancers
For no-one else but Pop
The young folk danced and flirted
Beneath the lantern light
And no-one thought of leaving
Before the east was bright
Oh how the times have altered
Since Granddad was a boy
Unless we′re drinking liquor
Our parties have no joy
Each year goes so quickly
And we're mostly unprepared
The old tradition′s broken
Almost beyond repair
Yes, the old tradition's broken
Almost beyond repair

Авторы: Stan Coster

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