Tech N9ne feat. Kutt Calhoun and Grant Rice - Ya Killin Me текст песни

Текст песни Ya Killin Me - Tech N9ne , Kutt Calhoun

(Tech N9ne)-
Nigga ya came lame
Trying to attain fame
Making it that damn thang
But Strange bringing you Samhain's reign
Trying to blame game
When you in the lane you can tame on the bang mang
When fame you gonna bring insane pain
- x2
(It's so easy) God sent me here to punish you
(Believe me) I'm the wrong one to run into
(I'm crazy) They tell me ain't nobody cold as you
But you, you (Ha ha) ya killin' me!
Thought that you was nice
But I got news for ya sorta kinda
A deal twice, its nice, its rights with the 49ers
Pain bringer over houses
You softer than Dora's pouches
Smoke a Joker quicker than Batman and torture spouses
Can't believe that you ain't with me
That you ain't as clean and cold as us
Trench a Weed? might crank some speed but ever believe that you froze enough
With the lights on
You think that you tight because you got all of that ice on
This the right song, because I finish beginnings as soon as they turn my mic on
Yeah, but I tell ya this
Fuck, it I package and mail ya this
Better open this letter, ya hope its a fella?
They told me to tap ya and tell ya quick (Bitch!)
This the mixture of a pistol and some liquor
Wrap your mouth around this barrel
Guaranteed you drop quicker
(Damn!) On some Smokey shit
Its Friday with the coldest bitch (poke a bitch?)
Shoulder then shoulder the dough and toe the ditch (holla at ya)
Oh, my bad! I didn't know that was your bottom bitch
I do this shit easy like after eating some cottage cheese
x 2
I feel vicious
I bust to my meal ticket
I'm up in the ill spittage
I fucks with the Pill nigglets!
I'm real bitches
Be walking I feel livid
Even though my skrill vicious
I'm painted up and still wicked
Fuck! My pen just took a big shit
I don't give a fuck cuz I'm gonna rip this
Everybody that called me Devil is gonna get a plague on their family
Dammint its in the muthafuckin' red
Tech is sick of people's lack of acknowledgement
He was rippin' before wack niggas got a scent
To the reaper, the sack when ya dollas went
Bustin (???) cuz I gotta vent
This industry can truly suck a booty
This rap is how a snap and hack a loogie, sucka sue me
Got straps right in the back, I pack it truly for ya newbies
I crack ya niggas ass for acting tooty fucking fruity
Laughin' at you wannabes,
Im'a hang nooses, for dudes thats useless
Nigga its fucking Strange Music (Strange Music)
We bang to the boogie, don't sleep on this
Stoppin' a nigga gonna eat with a beast (?)
Wanna creep up on a brotha, beef ya gonna get
When you rappin' niggas never gonna speak on shit!
x 2


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