Tech N9ne feat. Lebowski & Ces Cru - Give It Up текст песни

Текст песни Give It Up - Tech N9ne feat. Lebowski & Ces Cru

[Intro: Tech N9ne]
for real MC's only nigga
everybody on this motherfucking flow
is real shit right here
lebowski hit em' !
gotta give it up cuz it is a must plus
im fast like a rust bus on her ass we bust nuts
blast past your city never last the big bucks
imma gas this pair up pass and kick dust
they try to talk tall but their money is straight dwarfs
and you think its funny but we pull up in the grey Porsche
but you know my stray horse we leave and they face sore
got the gun in the safe shoot from the waist and the case closed
dont test me especially when my ass be up on it ? killin off all opponents
never slippin never trippin off money scandalous moments
either you take it or you leave it if you leave it you dont
want it im a strange individual leaving you suckas to drown
the flows continuous when you get to a ? im trying to get the digits now
in a few minutes im down to the ground we never knew ?
they all get down when they hear the sound
so jittery, they think im back on it
so shivery, they be like dan-gonit
so quivery, they freeze at that moment
no liberty for lil' bitty pretenders that want it
guess what !
give it up cause' i never let you down (x4)
[Tech N9ne]
you see me get money, honeys everything i wanna really feel like wanna dude see clevage
funny, dummy if you never heard of me tecca n9na's a beauty peep it a lot of groupies need it
if you are chum if you don't like it then give it the backwards say (?) you gotta pootie leave it
so juicy when i beat it feed it mu-le and i eat it like sushi better heat it steam it
makin' em crazy crazy never much to sway these ladies
if you talkin' bout me to a bitch and she don't suck a dick she gon say she pay me
wundershön tech is second to none and that it quit bums your cum but you niggas under crums dustbags
and you trippin' cause you know deep inside your fluffed ex fuck tech paid lebowski
then wanted permission to suck ces better give it im check it im bout' to rip it if tech impeccable
never no better flow when i flip it cut everybody so nigga what evolution is big enough
to get you hickin' up when you're bitching be licking digging nuts death is gonna be the only way
you're cold so sorry I had to give away your soul tecca n9na never ever give it up
for the crown better tryin' later hoe
give it up cause' i never let you down (x4)


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