Tech N9ne feat. Stokley & First Degree the D.E. - The Boogieman текст песни

Текст песни The Boogieman - Tech N9ne feat. Stokley & First Degree the D.E.

And just when they thought That everything was peachy keen
Somewhere deep within the shadows
There were other things to be seen
An untamable beast with the urge to feast
And only alone would he stand, the culprit of fear on the 67th tear
There lies, the boogie man.
No duction needed
N9ne times you must repeat it
Mind trying just delete it
I′m N9ne's rush to be this rough MC
Who′s gluttony would rhyme grime,
Trust believe it.
A legend ever since the projects
A Odd tech would get respect when he wreck the set
But never get the props that was god blessed
So this is me, never let the prod rest
The object of rawness dejectin' steps to darkness
Led to the industry whispering the name
History became a mystery
Cause listeners in the game
Wish ta sing the same
Riffs cerebral glitch will lead to lane
And this will be ur pit
For me to split then bleed ur brain
They heard the name
But cant put a face to it, Oh wat a shame
When he rains
In the wood he stands still, he turn to lanes
From sane to straight wicked, don't tell me u ain′t heard the saying
The boogiemans real.
Hes underneath ur bed
Trapped inside ur head
U tried to fight it
But u decided its just that,
We fear wat we cant see
This webs a tangled weave
Of life designed to try n blind you
From that boogieman.
An in that voice u hear
′Eliminate ur fears'
What do you do?
Discover the truth
That its The Boogieman
And now you know its real
And everything you feel
Hits you again, you will stand
Face-to-face with that Boogieman
They don′t wanna have to try to do as I do
That's probably why it ain′t been easy for me to slide through
I chew rappers up, on stage and mics they by-Flew,
Out with the ravens, flight to hatin, haven lies u
Cuz u don't want change
And u don′t want strange,
Rearranging the main lanes to brain games from plain jane
That's when ur fames strange
And u can maintain
U think u sang such an insane rain, samethang
And I'm the shadow in the dark
That came for battlin in the park
And they skidaddled when i barked
That give a rattle to their hearts
Cuz they′re afraid they will all fail
Darkness will prevail
The boogieman is not a tall tail
Wat a tough act to follow
U afraid? tell me are ya?
When this came u were nada
Tell ur lane sayonara
(The boogieman, the boogieman)

Авторы: Tech N9ne

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