The Cardigans - Marvel Hill текст песни

Текст песни Marvel Hill - The Cardigans

Strange to be on Marvel hill
I′ve walked some years to find
I know there is a piece to fill
The gap I have in mind
No, nothing's here
I close my eyes
It′s on the other side
And what I've worked so hard to gain
I'd gladly give away
′Cause I don′t need this
I don't need it
I need more
A postcard from where life′s a thrill
On top of Marvel hill
But I don't need this
I don′t need it
I need more
No, I don' t need this
(I don′ t need this)
Too good to be true
(Good to be true)
Too good to ignore
(Good to ignore)
I don't need this
(I don't need this)
I need so much more
It′s too much to ask for

Авторы: Magnus Sveningsson, Nina Persson, Peter Anders Svensson

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